Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Earring Holder

 I've been wanting to make something to display my dangly earrings better and keep them more organized. I ran across this idea and decided to try and make one myself. I had an old black frame that the glass had broke during one of our moves which was the perfect size.

I sanded the frame a little.

And then I gave it a few coats of blue paint.
I used the extra paint from when we painted our dresser.

Once it dried I sanded the edges a little bit and then I just used duct tape and attached some twine to the back to hang the earrings on. And here is my end result.

I'm thinking I need some more earrings to fill this things up!!

This project was seriously so easy and only took me like 30 minutes. Best of all it didn't cost me anything because I already had the supplies at home!!

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