Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Dresser Revamp

I know I usually only talk about scrapbooking on my blog but from time to time I will talk about other creative items. So today I want to show you a dresser revamp my husband and I did for our home. We had this old ugly dresser in our bedroom that I always wanted to fix up. I think someone gave it to us when we first got married. So one night we decided we would finally do it.  Here is the dresser before. I forgot to take pictures of it assembled but it just had 4 drawers.

And here is our dresser after. Our bedroom is all light blue and black/brown, so we decided to paint the dresser blue and the knobs are black.
So here is how we did it. Since we use it as a TV stand as well we decided to get rid of the top drawer and turn it into a shelf for our cable box and DVD player. We just cut the bottom of the drawer out and screwed it on to make a shelf. Then we sanded the whole thing down and painted three coats of paint. Once it dried we put the new knobs on. So easy and we love how it turned out.

And the best part about it was how cheap it was. Here is what we paid for it:

Sand paper, paint, and paint brushes: $11.72
New knobs: $2.33 (I had a $15 gift card to the place I bought them at)
TOTAL: $14.05

It was such a cheap way to make the dresser look a lot cuter. I'm now inspired to take on more project, hope you are too.


  1. Wow, that is a REALLY good deal - all new piece of lovely furniture, custom-designed, for $14.05! I AM inspired!

  2. Beautiful color! What a great transformation!